Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Sgeulachd na h-Apann

'S e sin Seachdain na h-Apann a' tighinn gu crìoch a-nis, ach ma tha sibh toigheach air na leugh sibh agus ma tha sibh air ur ceanglamh ris an àite dòigh no dòigheiginn, nach innis sibh dhuinn nam bitheamh tuillidh eòlas a dhìth oirbh agus cuidichidh sinn sibh sin fhaodainn.

Appin Week is almost at an end as we head for Arran. If you enjoyed what you read here about the dialect and if you are connected to Appin in any way, whether by living in the area, by grandparents or parents who had the Gaelic, or just by fondness for the place and interest in the language, we can help you to further your knowledge of the dialect.

There is one man left in the area who grew up with Gaelic despite not speaking it fluently himself who is very knowledgable about all things connected to it in Appin.

There are also two fluent Lismore speakers resident there who are happy to blether in Gaelic when interested people are in the neighbourhood.

Get in touch if you wish to follow this up!

Seo a-nis, rudaigin airson crìoch a chur air a' ghnothach, sgeul às an Apainn dhuibh....

Here's a little story from Appin to finish off, as told by Àdhamh in the Gaelic of Cowal....

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